Help! Fees are confusing!

If you’re having trouble understanding your fees or your invoice you are probably not alone!

If you are a domestic student, you will still be invoiced even if you are HECS HELP or FEE HELP approved. This is just to give you a chance to pay if you wish. Outstanding balances will defer to the HELP loan after the census date. You can check your status in Access Adelaide>My Finances>Payment Category. Applications for SA-HELP (covers your student services and amenities fee) can be made on this page too!

Permanent residents of Australia will be invoiced and need to pay the invoiced amount upfront.

If you are an international student or permanent resident and you want to pay your fees, you can find payment options on the bottom of your invoice. You can also pay online through Access Adelaide in the My Finances>Pay Account page. If your bank account has a daily limit you will need to speak with the bank directly.

Anyone wishing to apply to pay their tuition fees by instalments need to apply before 7 March 2017 (for Semester 1 fees) and should refer here: Tuition Fees by Instalments!


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