Exam Timetables

test-986769_640Timetables for Semester 2 exams have been released!

They might be scary, but it’s important to make sure you know the time, date and location of your exams.

To check the scheduling of your exams:

  1. Log into Access Adelaide
  2. Click ‘Students’, then ‘Exam Times’
  3. Finally, click Green_View next to the relevant study period (E.g. ‘Semester 2 2017′)

Once here, you can find your personalised exam timetable with date, time and location of every exam you’re scheduled to do.

Clashing exams?

If you have 2 or more exams clashing together, you will need to apply for a replacement exam ASAP. Information on the application process and PDFs of application forms can be found on the Examinations website.

Finally, please look after yourself and may the power of planning (or cramming) keep you sane over the coming weeks!

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