Feeling the Stress?

despaired--Uni can be pretty hard.

If you’re finding it difficult to cope, it’s important to know that we do offer a great range of support services.
  • The counselling service is professional, confidential and free for current students at the University
  • Disabililty support services offer plans of action to anyone with a condition that may impede study – mental, physical, temporary or chronic
  • Student Health and Wellbeing is a great resource if you don’t necessarily need a chat, but would like to take a look at other informative resources
  • Questions about your course? Contact your Faculty office

Finally, remember to take good care of yourself while you’re feeling stressed. Your health and wellbeing is the most important, and there’s always someone happy to listen if you’re having trouble.

Any questions? Check out AskADEL (our student knowledge base), or click the button below to ask a question via live chat.



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