Study Support

Everyone has a vague look of sleeplessness on their faces and energy drink cans litter desks in the Hub.

Must be assessment period.

It’s hard not to get caught up in drinking energy drinks and pulling all-nighters, but we highly recommend taking a step back, taking a breath and looking after yourself and your health.

Study can be pretty hard, and looming assessment can make it seem almost insurmountable. If you’re not sure where to start with study, contact a lecturer (find their contact info in MyUni) or have a chat to the uni’s professional and free counselling service.


There’s also a great list of study resources on the counselling website or if you have looming exams and they’re causing some stress, take a look at the uni’s tips for effortless exams.

Ask Adelaide has fresh fruit, water and coffee vouchers as well so feel free to pop by on level 3 of Hub Central and take some freebies.



Any questions? Check out AskADEL (our student knowledge base), or click the button below to ask a question via live chat.



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