Replacement/Additional Assessment Exams

                       Good luck with your exams!

The exam period is now in full swing

Worried about your results? Let’s take a look at Replacement/Additional Assessment (R/AA) Exams.

When you’ve done your first exam, you may be eligible for an additional assessment exam. Generally, this is if your final grade is 45-49, but your course coordinator will be the one deciding eligibility. Any questions about results? Contact them.

  • When are they held? July 16th – 21st, so if you’re unsure about your results, leave this week free of any travel or other holiday plans.
  • What if you couldn’t attend your original exam? In the case of extenuating circumstances, you might be able to apply for a replacement exam – but you’re only eligible for replacement exams if you did not sit your first exam.

You can find more exam information about R/AA exams on the examinations website. If you are offered an R/AA exam, the time and location will appear where your original exam times were (in Access Adelaide).

Good luck with any remaining exams! And here’s hoping you won’t need to sit an R/AA exam.

Any questions? Check out AskADEL (our student knowledge base), or click the button below to ask a question via live chat.


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