The mid year break starts NOW!

While you enjoy your holidays (probably by sleeping), if you have some uni-related questions, here’s some contact info you might find useful.

The University will still be open as usual, however, if you need to see someone specific, it’s a good idea to check their availability during the holidays.

Check out the websites for the Maths Learning Centre and the Writing Centre for their holiday hours, too, as they are very likely to change during the break.

Finally, be aware that the replacement/additional assessment exams are happening from the 16th to 21st of July. We advise you do not book holidays during this time – in case you are granted an R/AA exam.

Have some great holidays! Spend the time relaxing and take some much needed time out for yourself. You absolutely deserve it.
Any questions? Check out AskADEL (our student knowledge base), or click the button below to ask a question via live chat.


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