5 reasons to join the Adelaide Graduate Award

Thinking about joining the Adelaide Graduate Award, but haven’t yet? Here’s the top 5 reasons why students joined the Award (and why you might want to join too):
  1. To build and enhance skills (e.g. communication, teamwork, leadership)
  2. Gain experience to stand out from the crowd in future job applications
  3. To meet new people and develop networks
  4. Make a positive contribution to their community
  5. To boost confidence in themselves
The Award is a free employability program for all current students at the University of Adelaide. The program involves undertaking extra-curricular activities like work experience (including paid work) and volunteering.

You can include any eligible activities you have undertaken while enrolled in your current degree at the University of Adelaide. Once complete, you get formal recognition of the Award added to your transcript.

Register for the Adelaide Graduate Award now to enhance your employability and shine brighter to future employers.

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