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Exam rescue station

Left your spare pen at home? Calculator run out of battery? Need a quick sugar fix? We’ve got your back! Head to the Union’s Exam Rescue Station at Wayville Showgrounds for help, advice and a huge range of free and loaned items. Just look for the red Union flag outside the exam venue!

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Waiting for your exam timetable?

Studying in semester one? Your exam timetable has been released in Access Adelaide! Check it by logging in and navigating to ‘Students’, ‘Exam Times’ and viewing ‘2019 Sem 1’. If something looks wrong or you have any questions, contact your course coordinator or Ask Adelaide.

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Replacement/Additional Assessment Exams

The exam period is now in full swing Worried about your results? Let’s take a look at Replacement/Additional Assessment (R/AA) Exams. When you’ve done your first exam, you may be eligible for an additional assessment exam. Generally, this is if your final grade is 45-49, but your course coordinator will be the one deciding eligibility. […]

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Study Support

Everyone has a vague look of sleeplessness on their faces and energy drink cans litter desks in the Hub. Must be assessment period. It’s hard not to get caught up in drinking energy drinks and pulling all-nighters, but we highly recommend taking a step back, taking a breath and looking after yourself and your health. […]

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