Science students ask the REALLY important questions


In 1985, the office holders of the Adelaide University Science Association wrote to local TV stations, Nine and Ten, posing some in depth questions about their respective star performers:





















Inexplicably, only Channel 10 replied…



This correspondence was discovered in the new Series 1482, ‘Clubs Association Records’.

Minutes of the Adelaide University Science Association [1900 – 1970] are located in Series 541.

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5 Responses

  1. Andrew Cook says:

    Interesting questions indeed.

    The mystery of Humphrey was revealed to a friend of mine, at far too young an age, when Humphrey took his head off and had a cigarette. She was one of the kids on the show and was profoundly shocked by Humphrey’s transformation during a break in filming. She has never really recovered….

  2. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately I can’t read the text of these letters in my browser (IE or Mozilla) – when I click on the letters, only a tiny jpg image comes up. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Susan Coppin says:

      Hmmm …. thats strange. I’ll have it checked out by someone with some REAL technological knowledge and get back to you.

      • Kim says:

        I have checked this in IE, Chrome, Firefox and others. I can only suggest that if the vertical screen height is small then the browser will shrink to fit the image.

        When you hover the mouse over the image you should see it change. If you click the image it should zoom in. Again to zoom out.