5UV, mid-Seventies

The photos below were taken in the mid-seventies (likely 1975), a short time after 5UV made its debut as the first licensed community radio station in Australia. The occasion was a birthday or perhaps farewell party for Vivienne Langley who ran musical programs with the University’s Department of Adult Education (of which 5UV was a part). The donor of the photographs notes that prior to this she worked as a secretary in the Law School with, among others, Tony Blair’s father Leo.

5UV group shot. UAA Series 651.

Vivienne, who died recently, is the woman on the left of  the image above (wearing a necklet). Others who stand out are the station’s original manager Keith Conlon (sitting, centre), and a young Richard Morecroft (left, sitting on floor).

Most of the others have signed the photo, but I’m unable to match names to faces. If you recognise anyone (perhaps even yourself!) please let me know in the comments section below, or email me (


Langley presentation a. UAA Series 651.

Although difficult to make out, it’s also worth looking at the promotional posters on the walls. These really evoke cultural context of the early days of 5UV:  the weekly arts information sheet Get Out;  a University revue, Full Bored; avant-garde performers Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman (‘John Kaldor’s Art Project Number 4’);  a performance called Legerdemain at the Jam Factory; a Lulu concert; Cleo Laine and opera singer Donald Shanks advertising Sony cassette players; an advertisement for a hi-fi system with turntable; an unnamed event where ‘vegie meals’ will be served;  a show ‘Presented by the (Institute?) of Foreign Cultural Relations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Visual Arts Board of the Australian Council for the Arts’; and the International Women’s Film Festival.

Langley presentation b. UAA Series 651.

Note too the classic seventies table: Jatz crackers, sliced salami, an empty flagon of something and a full ashtray.

The University of Adelaide Archives has several series of 5UV records, summaries of which can be found here.



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4 Responses

  1. Michael Fox says:

    That’s John Pryzibilla between Richard Morecroft and Keith Conlon. You should alert Liz Pryzibilla to this pic. John could probably help identify most of the people here.

  2. Tony Ryan says:

    Hard to be sure, but i think I spot Jim Warburton (back left, and standing in the two following photos), Colin Lawton (standing with tie, centre) and Peter Lindon (seated, second from right). Ewart Shaw at Radio Adelaide could also help with many of the names. Cheers.