5UV, mid-Seventies: photo update and 1978 Licence Application

A recent post contained a request for information on the identities of a group photograph of 5UV staff  taken in the mid-1970s. John Pryzibilla, who is pictured with the group (in polo neck, next to Keith Conon), generously responded with the following excellent overview. John wrote:

“Pleased to help out. There are some people whose names I can’t recall, but I will do my best. All the people were full-time or part-time staff of the University’s Department of Adult Education (‘DAE for short in this email), or its component radio station 5UV, with the exception of one or two radio station volunteers.

5UV group shot, 1975

From left to right –

At rear, seated on the filing cabinets:

Jim Warburton (Director, DAE – since retired and, I think, deceased); Gaye Macleod (Senior Producer, 5UV – since moved to Perth, where she made radio with the ABC before setting up “Relocations West”, now retired)

At rear, standing:

Dr Gerry Mullins (Academic, DAE; subsequently in ACUE, then CLPD, then Graduate Centre, now retired); Viv Langley; Anne Wildy (Producer, 5UV – now in the University Secretariat); Colin Lawton (Manager, DAE – subsequently, Assistant Registrar (Continuing Education), on retirement he founded University of the Third Age in SA); [name forgotten] (DAE secretarial staff); Pat [surname?, nee Martin?] (DAE secretarial staff); [name forgotten] (DAE secretarial staff); [Jan? name forgotten] (DAE secretarial staff); Elaine Lindsay (part-time 5UV producer/announcer – she did classical programs, and founded “Writers Radio”, subsequently she moved to Sydney to work as Executive Officer of the Literature Board of the Australia Council); Jane Wilson (5UV Fine Music Producer – retired, married to Professor Trevor Wilson); [girl in front of Jane] [Pip? name forgotten] (5UV clerical casual); [guy standing at far right] [name forgotten] (5UV clerical casual);

Seated on chair at left:

Tim Potter (first Student Radio Co-coordinator and part-time 5UV producer/announcer – subsequently he worked at ABC Adelaide, as 5AN announcer, subsequently in management roles before early retirement on ill-health);

Seated on floor:

Richard Morecroft (Student Radio volunteer and part-time 5UV announcer – subsequently newsreader with ABC Adelaide, then ABC Sydney, now with SBS and independent TV producer); John Pryzibilla (part-time 5UV producer/announcer – subsequently lots of things); Keith Conlon (Station Manager, 5UV – subsequently with several Adelaide TV and radio stations as announcer and presenter); Dr David Corbett (Academic, DAE – subsequently retired); [name forgotten] (5UV secretary); Peter Lindon (Student Radio volunteer and part-time 5UV announcer – subsequently producer with 5UV, then with ABC Adelaide); [girl in front of Peter] [name forgotten] (5UV clerical casual);

Reclining on floor:

Kym Goldsworthy (first Student Radio Co-coordinator and part-time 5UV producer/announcer – subsequently he moved to 2SER, Uni Technology Sydney station, then was writer and producer of Australia’s most successful TV sit-com “Hey Dad”).

Hope this helps.”


John also mentioned 5UV’s  first formal Licence Application, which he co-wrote: “That was after the station had been operating for some years. And there was an interesting story about that – when the government introduced formal TV and Radio licensing processes, they published guidelines to the different types of licences.  These included, in the description of ‘educational broadcasting licence’ the words “(e.g. 5UV)” … I spotted this, and we had to point out to them that they should probably remove those words if they really wanted to run us through an approval process, otherwise we would simply be approved by definition! :-)”

Written in 1978, the application is an interesting record of the station in itself, containing the application as well as an extensive appendix which includes program guides, letters from listeners and a number of press cuttings. It is now a part of Archives Series 502, ‘5UV Public Broadcasting Licence Applications’:

Introduction by Keith Conlon. From UAA Series 502, item 1


John Pryzibilla. From UAA Series 502, item 1


'On Air'. From UAA Series 502, item 1

Further images from the licence application can be viewed in the document library here.

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    The guy at far right is Eric Pozza…now working in Canberra…hope that helps