1988 University Photographs Update

 Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write in with information on the University Archives’ collection of 1988 ‘mystery’ photographs. We received a terrific response and a significant amount of information on the people and situations captured by photographer Peter Thurmer. Of the 23 images displayed, we now have information on 15 images (see below).

 Everyone who was able to identify a person or place went into the draw for a copy of Rob Linn’s history of the University, The Spirit of Knowledge. The winner was Kate Leeson, who was able to recognize the person in image 22 as Graham Abbott, then Conductor-In-Residence at the Elder Conservatorium.

For the Archives this was a successful experiment in ‘crowdsourcing’ which has resulted in the substantial enhancement of a collection of photographs – in this case the re-creation of missing metadata. The information sent in will be added to the University Archives’ internal database and online Guide to Records. This means that the collection will more discoverable and therefore far more likely to be used.

There remain a considerable number of unnamed photographs from the 1988 ‘Faces of Learning’ project. In the New Year we’ll digitise these and repeat the process in the hope of receiving further information on this valuable record of the University of a  quarter of a century ago.

Afterword: More information again has come in via the University’s facebook page.

Dr. Nick Lemon, Ashley Duckett (digitiser), Mark Trupp, Peter Ryan, Paul Jones, Alia Bracic (background), Sandy Menpes, Mick Guiliano. 1988 NCPGG (National Centre of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics) Honors year.


Forensic odontologist Dr. Ken Brown with student Suni Steven.


Technical officer, Computer Science.


CASM students (the Malandari Band from N.T.), rehearsing at the old CASM Studio in Finniss St North Adelaide. Lead singer Samuel Evans.


Tracey Young, Departmental secretary, Computer Science.


Rick Palmer, long running technical officer at Radio 5UV.


Jenny Newsome teaching music theory at CASM, at the old CASM facility in Finniss St North Adelaide. Students include Sid Graham and Rose Page.


Professor Frank Jarrett, Dean of Economics.


Professor John Hatch, Department of Economics.


Professor Scott Henderson, Department of Commerce.


Paul Dangerfied, research officer assisting Dr. Andrew Austin. Taken in the insect collection room in the Waite Building.


Dr. Kevin Samuels, postdoctoral scientist in Prof. Dudley Pinnock’s lab. Taken in the Insect Pathology Laboratory (Building 11a).


Switchboard operators in Napier Building.


Graham Abbott, Conductor-In-Residence at the Elder Conservatorium.


Professor Chris Barter, Computer Science.

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