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Photo of winner with her winning image

Creative Images competition winner!

Thank you to all who contributed to our competition – there is plenty of creative talent around the Uni! The winner is Cassandra Ackerman who has won a $100 Unibooks voucher. Here is her entry. We judged Cassandra’s entry as the winner on the basis of thoughtfulness, creativity and relevance to the themes of UniThrive, […]

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Powerpoint of Time Management in Ten Minutes

Here is the powerpoint with audio of a presentation run recently for first year science students. In case you missed it, here is the earlier post. One of the most unexciting YET most requested of all topics – get it out of the way today!

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The Power of Introverts

For those of you interested in the review of ‘Quiet’ posted recently, here is the link to Susan Cain’s TED talk and her website. Follow what is happening in ‘the quiet revolution’! (here‘s the earlier post if you missed it)   The photo was taken by Benjamin Hayton who went on exchange to Pitzer College, […]

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Gratitude Today’s post on gratitude is brought to you by Jacinta. Are you grateful for what you have? Or do you more often focus on what is missing in your life? It is very natural to think about the things we wish were different in life. Who wouldn’t want better grades, more/better friends (a partner […]

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GRIT predicts success, more than talent or IQ

“Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” Angela Duckworth is a psychologist and leading researcher on motivation and success at school and beyond. Success, she reports, is not as strongly related to talent, IQ, nor even social intelligence as we might expect. By far the strongest predictor of success, she says, is GRIT. (The other […]

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Koala sleeping in a tree

The Last Word on Sleep

This is the last post on sleep (for the moment) and it contains the link to the final part (three) of the sleep health questionnaire. By now you will hopefully have been putting into place some of the tips that you gain as a bonus for completing them! Just to entice you to complete part […]

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book cover and Time magazine

Quiet: A personal story

Today’s post by Bettina is a touching personal story and a review of a book that has hit the New York Times bestsellers list: Quiet by Susan Cain. Handing over to Bettina: “Have you ever felt that nothing beats spending time by yourself? Have you ever wondered why you don’t necessarily make friends at the […]

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Little dog asleep on a red bean bag

Sleep (again)

Recently I went to a great seminar on sleep presented by Michael Gradisar, a top researcher in this field from Flinders Uni. He has been in the media lately about the impact of electronic devices on sleep problems. Apparently the Advertiser misquoted him as saying it was ‘not a problem’ to have your mobile phone […]

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Oh no! I have to give a talk!

Today’s post is brought to you by Catherine. As a counsellor who actually sought counselling for anxiety about public speaking during my studies, I think I can share some helpful tips that made a difference to me. For me, furious blushing was acutely embarrassing. Here’s the advice a couple of my Professors gave me: One professor […]

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The basics: sleep

Wired and tired? Blame the invention of the light bulb. If we didn’t have light bulbs we would all go to bed at nightfall, and rise with the morning sun (and the birds). Sleep hormones kick in with darkness to help us fall asleep, and again with the light. With no interference from an overstimulated […]

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