Voucher giveaway :) What gives your life meaning?

Today’s post is by Vicki.

Living a meaningful life is something most of us would say we’re ultimately striving for.

Having a sense of meaning or purpose can help us stay motivated and on track. But what gives our life meaning? For some it is religion or spiritual beliefs, for others it is connection – family and friends. Some may value solitude and peace and for others it may be doing something to help others, animals or the environment. ‘Life meaning’ is something we sense dwells within us, and our values underpin this sense. Meaning is the M in Martin Seligman’s five pillars of happiness – PERMA – which you can read about here.

So think of what you value most – that will give you some clues!

What gives your life meaning? Tell us or send us a photo! We’ll consider your responses, showcase some of the responses/photos and let you know what gives meaning to the lives of Uni of Adelaide students. Eligible entries will receive a surprise voucher for something meaningful on campus!

(Email us your image at


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