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Curve Lurve is coming to the Uni

Come and see Curvey, the McGrath Foundation’s breast awareness caravan,  Hula hoop, get your photo taken and talk about breast awareness! Keep an eye out for Curvey on the Maths Lawn this Friday, 31 October 2014 from 11.00am. To learn more about Curvey, visit    

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The Benefits of Helping Others

Many years ago, when I was much younger (!) and working in University administration, I had lots of contact with students. The students would talk to me about all sorts of things. Sometimes I would hear about their concerns for another student. This caught my attention and later I decided to do some research into […]

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Movember – Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Posted on behalf of Molightment team Captain Stephen Ween In November 2014, University staff and students will take a united stand in raising awareness of men’s health. Together we plan to increase awareness of specific men’s health issues including cancer and mental health. Knowing that every hour, more than four men die from potentially preventable […]

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Make Happiness a Healthy Habit

Hope you enjoyed the displays and activities for Mental Health Awareness last week and the posts on mental health topics. I particularly loved the ‘Humans of the University of Adelaide’ display which showcased the wonderful resilience of the human spirit, particularly present in the diverse stories of optimism and courage from students at the University […]

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Lonely vs Alone

The photo on the right was taken by William Wilson while on exchange in Gibralter. It won the ‘best selfie’ in the University of Adelaide Global Learning Photo Competition 2014. When I asked William for permisison to use it he generously said yes, saying he hoped it would cheer someone up. It certainly makes me […]

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DOGGED! (problem solving)

Here’s a 6 step problem-solving acronym – (ok, I got the idea from POOCH which you will find on the internet). It goes like this: D – Define the problem O – Options. Brainstorm all possible options, even crazy ones. Don’t stop to weigh everything up right now G – Generate pros and cons (benefits […]

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Face Your Fears

Photo by Chaichol Panchareon Anxiety is really primal fear. Fear in the face of threat or the perception of threat. It’s the perception of threat that gets us into trouble. We need to be fearful if there is a real threat. Luckily our brains are designed to detect threat above all else. We need our […]

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I had a black dog

…his name was depression. Depression is one word with many, many meanings. Depression can mean a temporary mood or a short episode – all the way through to a serious illness. It is different for everyone – there is no ‘one size fits all’. We are discovering more and more about the sub-types of depression […]

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Communication: Getting it Right

Communication : Getting it Right Have you ever felt that people are not understanding what you say or misinterpreting what you write? Here are some things to consider. Think about your audience.  Do you need to follow a process or protocol ? Is there a form you need to fill out?  Should you be writing […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week is almost here!

Next week is National Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) and the University is running a ‘Make Happiness a Healthy Habit’ campaign.  What will you see during the week? Well, we’re hoping you’ll see up to four videos that have been specifically created for the campaign. The videos capture very real, life changing and often emotional […]

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