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Uni is finished for the year…now what?

  This time of the year can feel strange.  So much energy, thought and sometimes anxiety goes into managing and getting through the exam period and then suddenly it’s all over! Now what? First and foremost – rest  and recuperate.  Catch up on sleep and exercise and start gently moving into a holiday routine.  It […]

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Self-Control Predicts Success in Life (aka Don’t Eat The Marshmallow)

Earlier we published a post on Amanda Duckworth’s work on GRIT – the ‘tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals’. (In other words – Do it again. Just get back up on the horse.) Duckworth has also researched another trait that strongly predicts success in life: self-control. It might be good […]

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Laughter -

Is Laughing Good For You?

If you are right in the middle of exams, you might think there’s not much to laugh about. Then again – maybe some laughter mightn’t be a bad idea right now? The health benefits of laughter have been debated in the literature for a few decades. One American researcher, Robert Provine, has spent his life […]

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National Psychology Week

Each year in November for National Psychology Week the Australian Psychological Society (APS) releases the results of a national survey on stress and well-being levels in the Australian population. This year there are both good and not so good findings. Here’s the good news: “In 2014, Australians reported significantly higher levels of wellbeing compared with […]

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Look after yourselves during the exam period!

Today’s timely reminder is from Greg, student counsellor. We hope you are all taking in some deep breaths as you head into the exam hall. Even if you are well-prepared, there are also some things you can do if you begin to feel a bit too anxious. The simplest and quickest thing is to do […]

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man walking the dog

Workout (or walk off) your mood

    I slept so soundly last night – almost through the alarm. Then my slightly sore – worthily sore – muscles reminded me that I had been for a half-hour walk (with dog) after dinner last night, up hills and so pushing up my heart rate. On yoga days, too, I notice my sleep […]

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big hamburger

What’s wrong with this picture?

Although I guess if you made it yourself with fresh salad ingredients and a hamburger that didn’t contain added fats and filler, and without all the salty sauces with added sugar – it mightn’t be the worst thing you could eat! But maybe if we could (gently) suggest an alternative to fast foods – here’s […]

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