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Word chaos all over the place

My Life Can Get Messy – Getting on Top of Things

It is easy at the start of semester to think that there is plenty of time to do all that study, do those assignments, bone up on those areas which are making absolutely no sense or are a bit vague. We forget how short a semester really is. This semester is 13 weeks and at […]

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Image from the opening screen of the Alcohol Check-up bottle and glass

How much is too much?

We hear a lot about the negative effects of alcohol, mostly sensational headlines: “King-hit kills man, 18”; or alarming statistics: “Alcohol, speed main factors in road deaths”. We hear less about the effects of a drug habit that can build up slowly and (almost) unremarkably. Most people trying to work out whether they drink too much […]

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Photo of a chair in a field

Walking, Sitting and Wellbeing: The Connections

I’ve just come back from a Panel event at SAHMRI – ‘Walking, Sitting and Wellbeing: The Connections’. In case you have been living under a rock for the last few years then there definitely are some! Connections that is. If you’ve read some of our previous posts you’ll know this, this is just a brief […]

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Photograph of book cover -presentation zen, rocks at the sea

Public Speaking

  In my job as a counsellor I do a lot of public speaking. I learnt a lot about speaking and using power point from Garr Reynolds who writes an excellent blog called Presentation Zen. I highly recommend spending the time to review his ideas. Mark

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Photo of grass growing at the base of a brick wall.

Brief Interventions for Quitting Cannabis

Many people who admit to being concerned about their drug use are still reluctant to seek help to reduce their use or quit. The two most common reasons for not seeking help for cannabis dependence are low perceived need for treatment, and the stigma associated with help-seeking. Cannabis (to use its official name) is regularly […]

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Image of a house made out of sticks on sand

Missing home?…You’re not alone!

2015 has brought a lot of new students to study at The University of Adelaide which is fantastic. However, for some students, it can feel difficult to get settled and you might find yourself really missing home, missing family and friends and generally…feeling homesick. Research says that it is very normal to experience some degree […]

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Smart Goals

Start of a new academic year, start of new ambitions and goals. So reposting this…:) “A goal is a dream with a deadline” Napoleon Hill If there’s no deadline for your brilliant idea, you can only ever talk about brilliant potential. It may seem like the whole of your University career is one long deadline […]

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Sign saying Journey begins

Getting Started

So you’re here; first year University. You’re probably feeling both excited, and a little scared; and the truth is most commencing students are feeling the same way. In fact even returning students feel some anxiety about the start of a new year. So here are a few things which may help to ease you into the year. If you’re […]

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