Move more – it’s good for you!

This is most definitely one of the busiest and most challenging times of the year for students as everyone is finalising assessments tasks and preparing for exams. This often means that we are sitting in one place for longer periods of time and maybe not prioritising exercise and moving. But we know that moving is good for you as it gets the blood flow to the brain, helping us to be able to use it more effectively. Plus it is good for our physical and mental health. The changes in our 21st Century living are evident and it is a good idea to find little moments throughout the day to move more. This link “Let’s Make Our Day Harder” by Dr Mike Evans encourages you to think about how you can “tweak the week” to create more movement. He offers the challenge of making your day harder. I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to find more opportunities in the day to move more!







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