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Secrets of Success: Time Management in 30 minutes.

Here is the text of the workshop on time managment I ran for science students. (PowerPoint with audio available here). These are my three messages: Self-control and GRIT, not talent or IQ, predict success at University and in Life. GRIT is perseverance and sustained interest in long term goals. The good thing about both grit and […]

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Getting Into a Good Sleep Routine

This is a great post from earlier in the year and one we wanted to highlight again 🙂 …………………………………………………….. If you are having trouble getting enough sleep, or your sleep is not restful, then having a more regular sleep routine will help. Here is a process I often take students through to help them get […]

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Thesis Writing

  Thesis writing can feel like a lonely and thankless task at times. The Director of Research at ANU, Inger Mewburn, has created a blog and online course (MOOC) addressing some of the potential issues you may face over the course of a PhD – or in writing any thesis ; take a look at […]

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