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Healthy Weight Week

New academic year, new resolutions, including ‘eating healthy’. Some students say that it is too hard to eat healthily because it takes too much time or it’s too expensive. Not True! Download this free cookbook from Healthy Weight week, try some of the recipes and you’ll see. Australia’s Healthy Weight Week was launched last week […]

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New at Uni ? Some tips which might help

New at Uni ?   It can feel quite daunting. I can still remember the feeling I had arriving on the first day and thinking I will never ‘feel at home’ here or make friends. It felt impossible. But I did – and actually pretty quickly. And I learnt things that made my life easier- […]

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Welcome to all our new students and particularly to our new international and interstate students – who are perhaps studying away from home for the first time. And welcome specifically to our UniThrive Blog for 2016. We have some exciting changes planned for the blog this year- so please keep checking back. In the meantime […]

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My friend, Stress

Kerry McGonigal is a health psychologist with a strong message: make stress your friend. As she persuades us in her TED talk: stress is only bad for you if you believe that it is bad for you! It’s common to believe that too much stress is ‘bad’ for us. Nobody would argue that having a highly stressful job, study schedule or […]

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Being Mindful ….

For me one of the most mindful activities I can think of is watching a sunset. The only thing that disturbs my concentration, and enjoyment, is having to take pictures; I always want to preserve the memory.  I feel so lucky that I live here in South Australia where we can enjoy a beautiful sunset […]

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