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It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

We (the counsellors) attended a session on ‘schema therapy’ a few weeks ago. Schemas are strongly held, core beliefs that drive how people think, feel and behave. If, for example, you hold this schema: ‘I am inherently unworthy’, you are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than if you had the schema: ‘I’m ok: […]

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University Mental Health Awareness Day

Today is University Mental Health Awareness day. Our theme this year is “Getting back to basics”  and we’re planning lots of exciting activities,  so take a look at the link above and come down and see us on the Barr Smith Lawns.  

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autumn porridge

I love autumn. It’s such a beautiful season – not too hot and not too cold – but just right to get outside and enjoy cycling, walking, hiking and strolling. During  Uni breaks when days aren’t so structured its great to take the opportunity to get outside and perhaps enjoy a mindfulness meditation By gently […]

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Ever felt overwhelmed? Sometimes looking at things differently can help

Have you ever felt like this ,             and wanted this….             It is important to …           but don’t be afraid to take a leap of ‘faith’,           and follow your heart         […]

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What to do when things get busy and you start to panic ….

I always know it is going to get busy and I plan for it every year but every year, despite my planning, it can still feel hard to manage at times. So I reflected on what helps me at these times – and how this translates into study ‘terms’  …here are my ideas 🙂 Firstly, […]

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Decisions….big or small, how to work through the anxiety sometimes associated with making them

When I was younger I always wanted to make the ‘right’ decision. Problem was, I didn’t always know what right was and sometimes got it wrong  and because I really wanted to get it ‘right’ this caused me a bit of grief and worry. What I eventually realised is, all we can do, is our […]

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