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Building a New Habit

  There are various time frames mentioned for how long it takes to build a new habit from 21 – 45 days. Neuropsychotherapy research suggests that it takes about 6 weeks to rewire the brain to do and think different things. My key points Do it for a month Keep it simple Link it to […]

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A sign saying 'It's Your Decision"

Break Ups 2 – Ending the Relationship

In my previous blog we discussed dealing with the ending of relationships and I stated that this is hard! We often think about the person who didn’t want the relationship to end but it is also hard for the person who ended the relationship. Here is a little bit of advice about what you can […]

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Are you looking at this blog too much? – Social Media Slavery

Well, I don’t know if the answer is likely to be ‘yes’ but are there other sites which you are a bit of a slave to? Maybe it is Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Yelp, Flickr, Reddit, MySpace, Pinterest, Swarm, Dazzle, Procras, Upallnight  – now I’m just making them up. You get the idea, […]

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The Eyes Have It – looking after your eyes

Do you experience Dry, itchy or sore eyes Difficulty focusing Low blink rate Blurred vision Light sensitivity Headache Neck pain Then it could be that you just aren’t giving your eyes much of a break, particularly if you are spending lots of time in front of an electronic device. Here are a few things you […]

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Goals: – What is the right kind of goal to have? Is there such a thing as in fact a ‘right’ goal ?

I always remember sitting in class feeling frozen when a teacher asked me to think about my goals for the year. I didn’t have any….well not really. I wanted to pass everything,  maybe I wanted a better job, sometimes I had goals that related to other people, improving a relationship, that kind of thing, but […]

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What Makes a Meaningful Life ?

What makes life meaningful ? I think about this from time to time – as I deal daily with such different people, from different backgrounds, with different ideals and personalities. Meaning is subjective, or personal, I believe. For me it is things like connecting with friends and family regularly, having a job I find fulfilling, […]

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Positive Feelings; what can help us find and keep them …

I was reflecting recently on what in the last year really helped me when I was feeling a bit stuck, or overwhelmed and one thing that did help, was meditation. Through the Counseling Service we offer free meditation classes with Mark (one of Counsellors) and Mark has also created video tutorials on meditation, which are […]

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Edvard Munch's painging - 'Separation'

Break Ups 1 – How to Get Through it

They are hard! Here are some of the things you can do to help your friend following a break up and they also apply to you! Help them to concentrate on getting through one day at a time Routine can help Help them remember the things they enjoy to do Spend some time with them, […]

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Positive Psycholgy; Why might it help you ?

What I love most about Positive Psychology is the fact that it challenges the old ‘status quo’ which focused our energy in therapy on what was wrong –     ‘the pathology’ – of a person. Whilst traditional therapy definitely still has a place- I find thinking about people in terms of strengths really helps. […]

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The Failure Schema

In a previous blog I wrote about core negative beliefs that drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, also known as schemas. I looked at the ‘perfectionist’ schema (or by its official name ‘unrelenting standards’/’hypercriticalness’). Today’s schema is the ‘Failure Schema’. It speaks for itself, but just to convey how crushing this one can be, I’ll define […]

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