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New at Uni ? My Top Tips

I remember arriving at Uni for the first time and I remember thinking ‘I will never feel at home here or make friends- it’s impossible.’ But guess what ? I did find my way around and make friends – and actually pretty quickly. And I learnt things that made my life easier- and I have […]

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Meeting New People

First week of classes: conquered! I managed to catch up on my readings, and in one class I even worked up the courage to ask a question. But it hasn’t been a total stroll through the paddock. On Tuesday, I had a full day of classes but didn’t speak to anyone, unless you count the bus […]

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Getting healthy and staying healthy – with help

A student recommended this great free Government program which aims to provide direct help to people trying to meet health goals around  weight loss and fitness. They offer online information and telephone based individual support. Well worth a look !   Vicki

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Are you an Ally?

Can you name these flags and what they represent? If you know all of these then you are pretty amazing! If you don’t know all of them, then you will be amazing after checking out this site. And become a supporter of LGBTIQ rights!

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First Day Jitters

I had my first lecture this morning and arrived early to meet up with Ewe-nice, the friend I made at the Arrival Briefing Session last week. I’m glad we got there ahead of time – I had no idea there would be so many students in each course! We were all flocking around the entrance waiting […]

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Getting Set for the Semester

It’s the final day of O Week and I’m feeling good. Organised. I’ve still got millions of questions, but I’m getting better at finding my way around campus and I’m excited for classes to begin next week. I’ve even started leafing through some of my textbooks. Although, honestly, most of what I’ve read seems totally […]

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The lonely task of thesis writing …

Thesis writing can feel like a lonely and thankless task at times. The Director of Research at ANU, Inger Mewburn, has created a blog and online course (MOOC) addressing some of the potential issues you may face over the course of a PhD – or in writing any thesis ; take a look at this […]

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Mindfulness; the power of learning to be present and stay in the now everyday ; Part 2

Leading on from last week, here are a couple of further ideas you can try to practice being mindful in every day life …. 3. Take a normal routine and chose to do it mindfully.  Most of us go through our daily routines on autopilot, without taking much notice of what’s happening in the moment.  […]

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Orientation Anxiety

I’ve had the worst case of first day jitters! Brainy spent the weekend dreaming up things that could go wrong, and today did not start well. I had an Arrival Briefing Session at 10 a.m. and planned to arrive in plenty of time. But it turns out the bus drivers on my route view the […]

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Mindfulness ; the power of learning to be present and stay in the now everyday – Part 1

Mindfulness in daily life… You’ve probably heard people talking about mindfulness, maybe you practice it yourself in some way or are interested in learning more.  Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment, what’s happening right here and now.  When we do this, it gives us a break from thinking about the past or future.  […]

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