Time Management- and the Importance of Grit, Self determination and Routine

Here are the key points from a  workshop run by one of our Counsellors a couple of years ago – focusing on time management  (PowerPoint with audio available here).

  1. Self-control and GRIT, not talent or IQ, predict success at University and in Life. GRIT is perseverance and sustained interest in long term goals. The good thing about both grit and self-control is that, unlike talent, you don’t have to rely on your parents to inherit these characteristics – you can consciously choose to behave in gritty or self-disciplined ways.
  2. Self-control is related to the ability to delay gratification and regulate emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the service of valued goals ie success in your University degree. In a nutshell, this means studying when you actually should be studying, and not joining every social club and hanging out in the uni bar. You can of course do all these latter things, but if you consider that time is like money, it’s about where and how you want to spend it.
  3. Treat your University program like a full time job and plan your own daily and weekly structure and routine accordingly – because nobody else will do it for you!1449940337bw95a


Guidelines Summary

Rest + ( guilt & worry ) = exhaustion
Study + distraction = waste of time
No rest = inability to study
Study + too much effort = inability to study
Rest – ( guilt & worry ) = rejuvenation
Study + right amount of effort = effective study
Study + rest = effective study
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