Neuroplasticity – heard of it?

Neuroplasticity is the remarkable ability of our brains to, in effect, grow and regenerate over time, with stimulation.

The attached article has a really good simple diagram explaining this process and how different kinds of thinking effect what happens in our brain.

What is really worth noting here is that thinking positively will stimulate the brain to lay down neural pathways that reinforce this positive way of thinking and conversely thinking negatively will stimulate the brain to lay down pathways that reinforce negative thinking.

When describing the thinking process to me, someone ( I  wish I could remember who, because I love this idea and wish I could give them credit) referred to thinking pathways as  “well worn goat tracks in the brain” ; essentially this encapsulates well , I feel, the idea that we tend to head down the thinking path ‘most’ accessible to us- even if it isn’t helpful.file0001311743485 It becomes easy to use this ‘old track’ of thinking. But when we see it in this way we can also see the possibility of creating a new track. And to expand this metaphor – we know when creating a new track we have to trample over grass, move obstacles, cut branches out of the way – in other words we have to work hard initially, but once the space is cleared, we have a new pathway; the same is true of thinking .

Have a try …..




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  1. Karen Roberts says:

    Thanks for the article Vicki. Great visual reminder for all of us that change is possible 🙂

  2. Katy says:

    This explanation of how our brains work is really helpful. It shows that it is truly possible to make new pathways, and also hints that it may require a bit of effort. It is worth the commitment!

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