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Exam Prep

At the start of the semester, I thought it was generous for the powers that be to set aside an entire week for exam revision. Now that it’s here, it doesn’t feel like anywhere near enough. I mean, how am I supposed to learn a semester’s worth of information in one week? Okay, not learn, […]

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Exams- sorry – have to start talking about them sometime

With university examinations approaching, many students will be thinking about the best way to study and get on top of all the material they have covered during the semester.  For some that means studying alone, for others group work is best, or perhaps a bit of both. When I went to university, I was one […]

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Classes End…

I had my final tute this morning. It feels strange. Just swot week and exams to go and then the semester is d-d-d-done. Life will be all summer and sunshine! Maybe. I feel a bit sheepish admitting this, but I’ve grown used to my timetable and like knowing that I’m going to see my friends in […]

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End of Semester Stress!

When it rains, it pours, am I right? I’m still super busy with assignments but I also need to start revising for exams. The good news is that I’m in a much better headspace than I was this time last week, when I was flat-out panicking. Oddly enough, the reason I’m feeling better is that […]

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Digital Detox- Could you do it ?

I must admit I have never thought about this- but having been born in a time of very limited ( I mean really limited – but not quite writing on stone) I find the idea quite appealing.  I am wondering what others think- and if this even feels like a problem to some people? This […]

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How to Cope

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Remember in my last post how I was super stressed about all the uni work I had to do? Yeah. That. It turns out I wasn’t alone, either. Ewe-nice has been freaking out too. She has a part-time job at a restaurant in the city. They’ve been short staffed, so […]

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The Stress Starts to Build…

Is anyone else kinda, sorta, maybe COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT about the fact that exams start in less than a month, or is that just me? Obviously, I knew they were soon. Ish. But I’ve been so focused on my readings and assignments, that I didn’t realise quite how close they were. And just when I […]

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Good Mental Health. Think about it.

I’m learning so much this week! And not just in class, either. I’ve been getting involved with Mental Health Awareness Week and discovering how I can better ‘value my mind’ and ‘thrive through connection’. I’ve been tuning into ABC’s Mental As 2, a series of documentaries exploring different aspects of mental health. The series runs […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

I want to kick off this post with a big thank you to everyone who stopped by Hub Central on Thursday and Friday last week to say hi to me and Brainy and share their good thoughts and positive messages on the #ValueYourMind boards. It was fantabulous to meet you all! This week, if you’re […]

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Getting Ready for Mental Health Awareness Week

Gosh, it’s good to be back on campus! I feel revitalised. Full of energy. Firing on all cylinders. Raring to — okay, cool, you get the picture. It’s been great hanging out with my friend Ewe-nice between lectures these last few days, and good to be surrounded by other students again. I was starting to […]

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