Character Strengths: What are they? How can they help?

Character strengths are one of the key concepts underlying the theories of  Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman ( and various colleagues) hit upon the idea that in focusing on a person’s strengths ( rather than their weakness or pathology) you would draw out for the individual a potential way to engage with the world differently and enhance their health and wellbeing.  I personally love using character strengths as a way to tap into what may be a potential life direction for someone; so by looking at  what someone is 1420173935audcj good at, or  what they naturally ‘offer’, we can look at connection with career direction, relationships and general life

Character strengths

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  1. Katy says:

    If you have a moment to click on the link in this blog it will take you to the online character strengths questionnaire. Having an understanding of our strengths gives a strong foundation on which to grow and flourish. This work with strengths always makes me think of the teachers in our lives that make a lasting difference – these teachers all worked from a ‘strengths base’ and from here encouraged us to take risks and to put effort into what we do.

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