Exams – planning for and knowing how to manage the stress

We have lots of information on our website about exam stress, and lots of old blog post – so take a look .  I have included some quick tips below.  I also found an article on the   Reachout   website; it’s always good to add new ideas to our list.

– Think of exams as a chance to show what you’ve learnt. The University really WANTS you to pass.

– If these are your first Uni exams  be extra prepared and find out what to expect. There is a handy pamphlet you can pick up outside the counselling centre, or find it here on-line.

– Check out the venue ahead of time- know you can get there easily . Leave plenty of time to get there.

– Ask questions, check all the posts and updates in MyUni that your course coordinator puts up.

– Practice with past exam papers.

– Have a revision schedule.

– Write while you read; writing down the key points helps them stick in your memory

-Try to eat and sleep well- it does help

– Some people swear by Vitamin B to relieve stress – I always say check with you Dr though before taking anything

– Take time out fro5012e786324d7d0048a47b4145afc6bcm work and social engagements – it will only be a couple of weeks.  Let people know they may not see you – then you wont worry about neglecting people  or missing out





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