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Trying to Change Courses

This week has been a tough one. After my post last week, Brainy and I crunched the numbers and decided that something had to give with my uni workload. I’d taken on waaaaay too much, and if I wanted to survive the semester, something had to give. One of my topics was a real snooze […]

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Study Time & Weighing Options

Given how much extra work our lecturers seem to be piling on this semester, and how much harder I’m finding it to get my head around all the things I’m supposed to be learning, I’ve been trying to work on my time management. I figure, if I want to do well (which I do), I […]

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Up to Date?

After starting on the back hoof with my readings, I promised myself that I’d catch up and stay ahead for the whole semester. I didn’t think it’d be that difficult. I just needed discipline: make the time, do the work, no excuses. It felt like a solid plan. And I’m proud of myself because, miracles […]

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The Familiar Unfamiliar

I can’t believe it! Ewe-nice and I don’t have a single tute together. We’re doing most of the same subjects, so I just assumed we’d have similar timetables. I know it shouldn’t matter. It’s not as though tutes are for hanging out with your friends or anything, and we see each other all the time […]

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Go! Back to Study 2017

My first lecture is this afternoon and I haven’t finished my introductory readings. Yeah, I know. It’s not exactly the fresh start I was gunning for. I swear, I had every intention of doing them, but things have been busy! It’s Fringe season! The Royal Croquet Club and the Garden of Unearthly Delights are both […]

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