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Getting Career Ready

Ewe-nice, Ramsey, and I had a blast filming our entries for the Wicked Problems competition last week! I’m crossing my hoofs that we win. But even if we don’t, Brainy loved the creative challenge, and it was good to do something with my friends other than hang out in a café. It also got me […]

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Student Health & Wellbeing Forum

I can’t believe we’re on mid-semester break already! Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time—I really need a few weeks off classes to catch up on my work and get myself sorted for the rest of the semester. Those of you who have been following along will know I’ve had a bit of […]

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Eating Better for a Better Ewe

I’m slowly getting my life back together and settling into a new routine. Things at home are still difficult, but Mum’s gradually getting better and Dad seems to have a handle on what needs doing, even if he’s still struggling to get it all done. He says that having me around more has been a […]

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Maintaining Connections and Friendships

Ewe-nice and I went out for coffee after our classes on Monday. We hadn’t caught up for weeks and I was a little annoyed that I had to be the one to organise it. I know I haven’t been around much, or making an effort with everything that’s been going on at home, but Ewe-nice […]

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