Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

schedulingDid you know that last week was Mental Health Awareness Week? This year the theme was ‘be the champion of your mental health – find your team’. That means finding the people and resources available to help you manage your wellbeing.

Normally, my family are my biggest source of support, but since Mum’s accident a few months ago I’ve been the one helping them, and it’s taken a toll. So I’ve been using this past week to have a good think about who else Brainy and I can rely on to get us through tough times and help us stay on track when things are good. As my best friends, Ewe-nice and Ramsey are always good to talk to, especially Ewe-nice. She’s so calm and collected and gives great advice. It’s also good to have them around for those times when I might be headed for a bad patch and can’t see it. But sometimes friends aren’t enough, so I’ve been familiarising myself with who else is out there: my GP, University Counselling Support, psychologists, etc.

The uni had a bunch of activities last week to boost students’ wellbeing and get us all thinking about how we manage our mental health. Here’s what went down on the Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 webpage, and the Student Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors were hanging out in Hub Central all week to answer questions about the resources and support available on campus. Don’t forget you can go into the draw to win a $50 gift voucher by filling in a Student Wellbeing Survey online if you missed your chance last week.

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