Sorting Out Priorities

weigh-optionsGood news, friends: the Group Assignment of Doom that I was complaining about last week is officially D.O.N.E.! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have it out of my life! Now I’m free to focus on exams. The bad news is that I got a few assignments back and my marks aren’t great. I’ll need to perform a miracle in my exams to survive this semester, and my motivation is at an all-time low.

Truth is, my heart’s not in it. I started this degree because I wanted to work in a particular field, but I haven’t enjoyed what I’ve been learning the way I thought I would. So now I’m not sure if I want to make it my career. Weirdly enough, I’ve loved working on the farm these past few months. I always swore I’d never go into the family business. I wanted to be my own sheep. Trot my own path. Seek out greener pastures. But now I’m not so sure. Mum and Dad say I’ve been doing a great job helping them out and I’ve got all these ideas for improving the farm.

I’m giving more and more thought to deferring next semester. Perhaps even dropping out altogether, but I’m also thinking that I’ve come this far, so maybe I should just finish my degree and keep my options open. I’m so conflicted! And with such a big decision to make, Brainy’s really struggling to focus.

I’ve promised myself that I’ll at least see out the semester. I’m hoping that once I’m clear of exam stress, things might be a little clearer. For now, I need to find a way to put all this aside and concentrate on getting through these last few weeks of study. Wish me luck!

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