Exams – The Magic Bullet

Gotcha. Magic Bullet? There is none. It’s all about (yawn) organisation and preparation. There is really nothing new under the sun. I’m sorry about the magic bullet, but I can perhaps help with organisation, which is where it starts, and provide some links to tips for preparation and managing anxiety in the exams. Here’s my […]

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Don’t Forget to Breathe!

Today’s post is brought to you by student counsellor Greg. There is an old yoga saying that ‘the state of the breath reflects the state of the mind’. Agitated breathing reflects an agitated mind; slow, deep breathing reflects calmness of mind. When people get stressed their breathing usually becomes constricted – either high and shallow […]

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Exam Stress

At risk of channelling Grandma (or Boy Scouts), the best way to avoid exam stress is to be thoroughly prepared. But even if you are 100% prepared, exam nerves affect many people. I can’t think of anyone who actually loves exams (though some students definitely prefer having a strict boundary on their time as opposed […]

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Exams – Start NOW!

Reposting an updated version of this as you might have missed it. Sorry to mention the dreaded E word. It’s just that they are around the corner. We’ve hit that crazy frantic dash to the finish line – not long until classes end, and then one week before the exam period starts. You don’t want […]

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The Failure Schema

In a previous blog I wrote about core negative beliefs that drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, also known as schemas. I looked at the ‘perfectionist’ schema (or by its official name ‘unrelenting standards’/’hypercriticalness’). Today’s schema is the ‘Failure Schema’. It speaks for itself, but just to convey how crushing this one can be, I’ll define […]

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It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

We (the counsellors) attended a session on ‘schema therapy’ a few weeks ago. Schemas are strongly held, core beliefs that drive how people think, feel and behave. If, for example, you hold this schema: ‘I am inherently unworthy’, you are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than if you had the schema: ‘I’m ok: […]

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You Don’t Need Therapy

I’ve been reading a paper called ‘Why we need Therapy – and Why it Works.’ As counsellors, it is comforting to know that we have science on our side, so we can remain gainfully employed and not be taken over by robots. The author Louis Cozolino, is a psychologist and expert in the neuroscience of optimal (and sub-optimal) functioning. […]

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Healthy Weight Week

New academic year, new resolutions, including ‘eating healthy’. Some students say that it is too hard to eat healthily because it takes too much time or it’s too expensive. Not True! Download this free cookbook from Healthy Weight week, try some of the recipes and you’ll see. Australia’s Healthy Weight Week was launched last week […]

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My friend, Stress

Kerry McGonigal is a health psychologist with a strong message: make stress your friend. As she persuades us in her TED talk: stress is only bad for you if you believe that it is bad for you! It’s common to believe that too much stress is ‘bad’ for us. Nobody would argue that having a highly stressful job, study schedule or […]

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Assertive Communication – “I” statements

‘I’ statements were born in the 70s. You know, those very direct statements explaining how you feel about someone’s actions, rather than using a ‘you’ ‘blaming’ statement that provokes anger and resentment. They were famously touted as being assertive, not aggressive, and certainly not passive. All in the spirit of conflict resolution. Well, even if […]

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