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Goals: – What is the right kind of goal to have? Is there such a thing as in fact a ‘right’ goal ?

I always remember sitting in class feeling frozen when a teacher asked me to think about my goals for the year. I didn’t have any….well not really. I wanted to pass everything,  maybe I wanted a better job, sometimes I had goals that related to other people, improving a relationship, that kind of thing, but […]

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What Makes a Meaningful Life ?

What makes life meaningful ? I think about this from time to time – as I deal daily with such different people, from different backgrounds, with different ideals and personalities. Meaning is subjective, or personal, I believe. For me it is things like connecting with friends and family regularly, having a job I find fulfilling, […]

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The Failure Schema

In a previous blog I wrote about core negative beliefs that drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, also known as schemas. I looked at the ‘perfectionist’ schema (or by its official name ‘unrelenting standards’/’hypercriticalness’). Today’s schema is the ‘Failure Schema’. It speaks for itself, but just to convey how crushing this one can be, I’ll define […]

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Task assessment feedback

It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

We (the counsellors) attended a session on ‘schema therapy’ a few weeks ago. Schemas are strongly held, core beliefs that drive how people think, feel and behave. If, for example, you hold this schema: ‘I am inherently unworthy’, you are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than if you had the schema: ‘I’m ok: […]

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Tiny Buddha

  I came across this website/ blog, Tiny Buddha recently after it was recommended by a student. The few post I have read are lovely and insightful, and worth taking the time to read. Topics include; Cultivating Purpose Letting go of “shoulds” Do what you love and You don’t need to fix the past in […]

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My friend, Stress

Kerry McGonigal is a health psychologist with a strong message: make stress your friend. As she persuades us in her TED talk: stress is only bad for you if you believe that it is bad for you! It’s common to believe that too much stress is ‘bad’ for us. Nobody would argue that having a highly stressful job, study schedule or […]

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Procrastination is a common ‘problem’ and something we frequently get asked about in Counselling. The truth is most of us procrastinate about something …but for some of us it becomes a difficult to manage habit, and when it relates to study this can become very problematic. The truth is for procrastination to become a problem, it […]

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Move more – it’s good for you!

This is most definitely one of the busiest and most challenging times of the year for students as everyone is finalising assessments tasks and preparing for exams. This often means that we are sitting in one place for longer periods of time and maybe not prioritising exercise and moving. But we know that moving is […]

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How to Say No; and Why it’s Important to Learn How !

Have you ever had 2 commitments at the one time ?  Perhaps someone has turned up at your door and you had forgotten they were coming.  Or maybe you just feel frantically busy and a bit resentful about all the things people are asking you to do!  But how can you control this? It’s just the way […]

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Image from the opening screen of the Alcohol Check-up bottle and glass

How much is too much?

We hear a lot about the negative effects of alcohol, mostly sensational headlines: “King-hit kills man, 18”; or alarming statistics: “Alcohol, speed main factors in road deaths”. We hear less about the effects of a drug habit that can build up slowly and (almost) unremarkably. Most people trying to work out whether they drink too much […]

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