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Are you an Ally?

Can you name these flags and what they represent? If you know all of these then you are pretty amazing! If you don’t know all of them, then you will be amazing after checking out this site. And become a supporter of LGBTIQ rights!

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The Last Word on Sleep

This is the last post on sleep (for the moment) and it contains the link to the final part (three) of the sleep health questionnaire. By now you will hopefully have been putting into place some of the tips that you gain as a bonus for completing them! Just to entice you to complete part […]

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Sleep (again)

Recently I went to a great seminar on sleep presented by Michael Gradisar, a top researcher in this field from Flinders Uni. He has been in the media lately about the impact of electronic devices on sleep problems. Apparently the Advertiser misquoted him as saying it was ‘not a problem’ to have your mobile phone […]

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The basics: sleep

Wired and tired? Blame the invention of the light bulb. If we didn’t have light bulbs we would all go to bed at nightfall, and rise with the morning sun (and the birds). Sleep hormones kick in with darkness to help us fall asleep, and again with the light. With no interference from an overstimulated […]

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Koala sleeping in a tree

Sleep Survey

We’re curious about the sleep patterns of University students. Please fill in the poll below to help us understand some basics. We’ll get back to you with some results very soon! If your browser doesn’t display the Poll above please go to:

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