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Getting Back to it after the Break

I can’t believe it’s already the final day of the break! The last two weeks disappeared fast. I’m actually quite excited to be heading back to uni tomorrow. Probably not what you were expecting to hear after my last post, right? I was getting super stressed about all the work I had to do, and […]

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Exams…practical, quick must know advice

We’re heading into the exam period; hopefully things are going well for you! Just a couple of quick tips; If you miss an exam you may not automatically be allowed to re-sit that exam. You will need to be aware of University rules relating to exams and sitting replacement exams. If you’re struggling for any reason […]

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Exam Stress

At risk of channelling Grandma (or Boy Scouts), the best way to avoid exam stress is to be thoroughly prepared. But even if you are 100% prepared, exam nerves affect many people. I can’t think of anyone who actually loves exams (though some students definitely prefer having a strict boundary on their time as opposed […]

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autumn porridge

I love autumn. It’s such a beautiful season – not too hot and not too cold – but just right to get outside and enjoy cycling, walking, hiking and strolling. During  Uni breaks when days aren’t so structured its great to take the opportunity to get outside and perhaps enjoy a mindfulness meditation By gently […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week is here!

We have a big week of activities coming up for MHAW, starting tomorrow. Make sure you get the latest, by checking the MHAW website which has links to the exhibitions, videos and activities. Give us your feedback using the comments button or send us an email. Have a great week!

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Picture of the Dream cloud

Getting Into a Good Sleep Routine

This is a great post from earlier in the year and one we wanted to highlight again 🙂 …………………………………………………….. If you are having trouble getting enough sleep, or your sleep is not restful, then having a more regular sleep routine will help. Here is a process I often take students through to help them get […]

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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep is possibly one of the most under-rated ways we can improve our overall wellbeing and mental functioning. Sleepawarenessweek  is designed to promote the benefits of a good nights sleep, and raise awareness of how to improve sleep.Take a look at the site- which includes quizzes, helpful hints and resources. You might also like to take a look […]

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Winter Comfort Food

Winter is for hibernating, keeping warm and eating comfort food. You might be still studying  – or recovering  – from those exams, so you need to look after yourself. Studying requires the right kind of fuel to keep you going (and warm). And cooking some wholesome food is a good way of taking care of […]

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Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there] by Hughes Mearns Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today I wish, I wish he’d go away… This portion of a poem by Hugh Mearns was recited to me by my Grandmother, if  I was worrying about something. For […]

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