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I can’t believe we’re on mid-semester break already! Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time—I really need a few weeks off classes to catch up on my work and get myself sorted for the rest of the semester. Those of you who have been following along will know I’ve had a bit of […]

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Eating Better for a Better Ewe

I’m slowly getting my life back together and settling into a new routine. Things at home are still difficult, but Mum’s gradually getting better and Dad seems to have a handle on what needs doing, even if he’s still struggling to get it all done. He says that having me around more has been a […]

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What now…?

After my last post, I was really excited to find some activities to give me and Brainy a challenge over the summer. I did some research, and I think I’m going to sign up for a cooking class. It’s high time I learned to make something other than cheese toasties! My other big goal for […]

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Shameless Plug for Me, the Star of the UniThrive App!

Who made an incredible discovery this morning? This sheep, that’s who. Okay, so maybe ‘discovery’ is a bit of a stretch, but this thing I have to share is still pretty nifty. But first, a confession: I’m not great with technology. Hoofs and touchscreens aren’t a natural pairing. At least, that’s my excuse for why […]

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Settling into a Routine

I’m sure you all spent the weekend stressing about this, so I’ll put you out of your misery: I made the deadline for my first assignment on Friday! It felt great to get it out of the way, even if it was a bit of a rush job. In fact, overall, things are going really […]

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When the Pressure Starts to Build

It’s week two and I’m already struggling. So much for that start-of-semester enthusiasm! I had no idea there’d be this much work. The readings alone for each subject take hours. And they’re hard! This morning, it took me twenty minutes to make sense of a single paragraph. Then there’s my assignments. The first few don’t […]

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Don’t Forget to Breathe!

Today’s post is brought to you by student counsellor Greg. There is an old yoga saying that ‘the state of the breath reflects the state of the mind’. Agitated breathing reflects an agitated mind; slow, deep breathing reflects calmness of mind. When people get stressed their breathing usually becomes constricted – either high and shallow […]

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Exam Stress

At risk of channelling Grandma (or Boy Scouts), the best way to avoid exam stress is to be thoroughly prepared. But even if you are 100% prepared, exam nerves affect many people. I can’t think of anyone who actually loves exams (though some students definitely prefer having a strict boundary on their time as opposed […]

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Exams – Start NOW!

Reposting an updated version of this as you might have missed it. Sorry to mention the dreaded E word. It’s just that they are around the corner. We’ve hit that crazy frantic dash to the finish line – not long until classes end, and then one week before the exam period starts. You don’t want […]

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What Makes a Meaningful Life ?

What makes life meaningful ? I think about this from time to time – as I deal daily with such different people, from different backgrounds, with different ideals and personalities. Meaning is subjective, or personal, I believe. For me it is things like connecting with friends and family regularly, having a job I find fulfilling, […]

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