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Maintaining Connections and Friendships

Ewe-nice and I went out for coffee after our classes on Monday. We hadn’t caught up for weeks and I was a little annoyed that I had to be the one to organise it. I know I haven’t been around much, or making an effort with everything that’s been going on at home, but Ewe-nice […]

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When Things go from Bad to Worse, Get Help

It’s been another rough week. Mum’s finally home from the hospital, which is a huge relief, but she needs a lot of help and Dad isn’t coping. For a while there, he was so focused on whether or not Mum was going to be okay, I don’t think he gave much thought to what it […]

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Finding Out You’re the Third Wheel…

Mystery solved! I finally got to the bottom of why Ewe-nice and Ramsey have been acting so strangely since the end of exams. It turns out they’re dating! Ewe-nice spilled the beans at the movies last week, and I was gob smacked. I guess, in hindsight, I should have seen it coming? They were always […]

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By Aries wool, this week has been frustrating! All I wanted was one teeny, tiny extension. But with the amount of bother I’ve been through, you’d think I was after something huge, like for the uni to install a chocolate fountain outside the library. Hmm, I wonder who I speak to about that… Anyhoo, I […]

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Remember last week I mentioned Ramsey, the funny sheep in my tute I wanted to be friends with? And how we went for coffee with Ewe-nice? Well, it went swimmingly. The café staff had to kick us out at closing time. Ramsey’s a huge film nerd, and we spent ages arguing over our favourites. Plus, […]

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Loneliness and Making Friends

This is difficult to admit, but now that Brainy and I have the study side of things somewhat under control, I’ve realised that I’m actually kind of lonely. Earlier in the semester, I wrote about wanting to make new friends, but then I was having so much trouble keeping up with my work, I never […]

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Hello 2017!!!

I’m ba-ack!!! Wow, it feels like we’ve been on holidays foooorrrrreeeeevvvveeeerrrrr, and that heatwave a couple of weeks ago? The Actual Worst! I spent four days lying under a fan with an esky full of Zooper Doopers. Welcome back to Adelaide, I guess! Fun as holidays are, I’m excited to get back to uni and […]

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What now…?

After my last post, I was really excited to find some activities to give me and Brainy a challenge over the summer. I did some research, and I think I’m going to sign up for a cooking class. It’s high time I learned to make something other than cheese toasties! My other big goal for […]

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Introversion; curse or blessing ?

Straight away – let me clear this up ; being an introvert is not a curse, it could be a blessing in many ways – but it may not always feel ‘easy’. People speak to me about feeling ‘crippled with shyness’. But what I find when we ‘dig around’ a little more is that really […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

I want to kick off this post with a big thank you to everyone who stopped by Hub Central on Thursday and Friday last week to say hi to me and Brainy and share their good thoughts and positive messages on the #ValueYourMind boards. It was fantabulous to meet you all! This week, if you’re […]

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