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Eating Better for a Better Ewe

I’m slowly getting my life back together and settling into a new routine. Things at home are still difficult, but Mum’s gradually getting better and Dad seems to have a handle on what needs doing, even if he’s still struggling to get it all done. He says that having me around more has been a […]

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Things Start to Slip…

I’m slipping into bad habits again. I finally submitted that essay I’d overlooked, but it was a week late and I’m going to lose a bunch of marks. Also, it wasn’t my best work. I just can’t believe I dropped the ball like that! Brainy’s having trouble moving on. I keep dwelling on how it’s […]

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I’m baaa-ack!

Friends, the last time I wrote, I wasn’t feeling very well, and then the work piled up and I haven’t felt much like blogging, but I’m pleased to tell you I feel a million times better, and Brainy & I have been working extra hard to get back on top of things. Yes, that’s right, […]

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Sick on the Break!

Why is it that whenever I get a bit of downtime I always end up sick? That’s right, friends, I’ve caught the nasty bug that’s doing the rounds. So far my mid-semester break has largely consisted of early bedtimes, tissues and endless cups of herbal tea. The party never stops, I tells ya. It’s my […]

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What now…?

After my last post, I was really excited to find some activities to give me and Brainy a challenge over the summer. I did some research, and I think I’m going to sign up for a cooking class. It’s high time I learned to make something other than cheese toasties! My other big goal for […]

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Planning for the Holidays

My big plan for the holidays was to pop my beach umbrella, roll out my towel and stretch out on the sand for the summer. After these last few hectic months, it seemed like a solid strategy. Brainy needed a break. I needed a break. So on Monday, that’s exactly what I did. And it […]

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How to Cope

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Remember in my last post how I was super stressed about all the uni work I had to do? Yeah. That. It turns out I wasn’t alone, either. Ewe-nice has been freaking out too. She has a part-time job at a restaurant in the city. They’ve been short staffed, so […]

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Good Mental Health. Think about it.

I’m learning so much this week! And not just in class, either. I’ve been getting involved with Mental Health Awareness Week and discovering how I can better ‘value my mind’ and ‘thrive through connection’. I’ve been tuning into ABC’s Mental As 2, a series of documentaries exploring different aspects of mental health. The series runs […]

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Holidays …..can you remember your best ever holiday?

Sharing the experience of something we have enjoyed enhances both our personal well-being and the well-being of the person we’re telling. Positive Psychology encourages this connection to others as a way to improve our mental health and the 5 Pillars of Positive Psychology ‘enshrine’ the concept as Positive Relationships ( which we talk about further […]

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Taking a Real Break… For Real!

I know you’ve all been worried sick wondering how I got on with the Evil Head Cold of Doom. I saw the ‘Save the Sheep!’ sky writing, and I gotta say, I felt loved. I don’t know if it was your well-wishes or the many, many cups of honey, ginger, and lemon tea, but I’m […]

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