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Group Assignments – Ugh!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that for every group assignment there’s one group member who doesn’t pull their weight. For our final big assignment before exams that group member is me, and I feel incredibly sheepish about it. Our (self-appointed) group leader keeps organising meetings to discuss what we’ve done so far, but because […]

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Mindfulness; the power of learning to be present and stay in the now everyday ; Part 2

Leading on from last week, here are a couple of further ideas you can try to practice being mindful in every day life …. 3. Take a normal routine and chose to do it mindfully.  Most of us go through our daily routines on autopilot, without taking much notice of what’s happening in the moment.  […]

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Mindfulness ; the power of learning to be present and stay in the now everyday – Part 1

Mindfulness in daily life… You’ve probably heard people talking about mindfulness, maybe you practice it yourself in some way or are interested in learning more.  Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment, what’s happening right here and now.  When we do this, it gives us a break from thinking about the past or future.  […]

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Emotions- what do they mean ? Should we pay attention to every feeling?

In short, emotions are important. They help us process difficult life situations, they help us manage our surroundings by acting as a sort of warning system and they can allow us to fully enjoy moments in life. So we shouldn’t ignore them, right ?  …. Well not entirely What we need to be conscious of […]

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Traditionally Easter, for many people, is a time of worship, connecting with family and eating. It can be an opportunity to rest and reflect – but it can also feel busy and rushed.  I found lots of interesting information on mindful eating at Easter – and I think this is something definitely worth trying,  given […]

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Being Mindful ….

For me one of the most mindful activities I can think of is watching a sunset. The only thing that disturbs my concentration, and enjoyment, is having to take pictures; I always want to preserve the memory.  I feel so lucky that I live here in South Australia where we can enjoy a beautiful sunset […]

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Be in the moment – mindfulness

Mindfulness – a ‘buzz word’ floating about. But what does it really mean? Do you have to experience mindfulness in a certain way? Does it mean being in control? Do you need training to be able to do it? Some people think it is spacing out and escaping. Some people think it is meditation. This […]

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