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The 5 Whys. Or how questioning yourself may help you get to the answer you need.

I came across the 5 Whys when looking for some information to send someone on Problem Solving. The concept was originated in the 1930s by Sakichi ( but I have seen his name also written as Tacchi – so please correct me if you know ) Toyoda one of the founders of the Toyota car company. His […]

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Decisions….big or small, how to work through the anxiety sometimes associated with making them

When I was younger I always wanted to make the ‘right’ decision. Problem was, I didn’t always know what right was and sometimes got it wrong  and because I really wanted to get it ‘right’ this caused me a bit of grief and worry. What I eventually realised is, all we can do, is our […]

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DOGGED! (problem solving)

Here’s a 6 step problem-solving acronym – (ok, I got the idea from POOCH which you will find on the internet). It goes like this: D – Define the problem O – Options. Brainstorm all possible options, even crazy ones. Don’t stop to weigh everything up right now G – Generate pros and cons (benefits […]

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