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When Things go from Bad to Worse, Get Help

It’s been another rough week. Mum’s finally home from the hospital, which is a huge relief, but she needs a lot of help and Dad isn’t coping. For a while there, he was so focused on whether or not Mum was going to be okay, I don’t think he gave much thought to what it […]

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Making Tough Decisions

Friends, it’s been another rough week. Mum’s still in hospital and I’ve been staying on the farm with the family so that I can help out and be close to her. The good news is that she’s definitely going to be okay, which has us all breathing epic sighs of relief. The bad news is […]

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Exams: Staying Positive

I was feeling pretty down after my first exam. I think I probably did well enough to pass, but not by much. I’m trying not to let it get to me. Ewe-nice has been a big help. I texted her after the exam and told her it hadn’t gone well. We were supposed to meet […]

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Classes End…

I had my final tute this morning. It feels strange. Just swot week and exams to go and then the semester is d-d-d-done. Life will be all summer and sunshine! Maybe. I feel a bit sheepish admitting this, but I’ve grown used to my timetable and like knowing that I’m going to see my friends in […]

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Neuroplasticity – heard of it?

Neuroplasticity is the remarkable ability of our brains to, in effect, grow and regenerate over time, with stimulation. The attached article has a really good simple diagram explaining this process and how different kinds of thinking effect what happens in our brain. What is really worth noting here is that thinking positively will stimulate the […]

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Time to get to Work! But first, some Procrastination…

Today is supposed to be a study day: a day of boundless productivity and progress that should be flying by in a montage of note-taking, highlighting, pensive gazes into the mid distance and essay writing, with Rhianna’s ‘Work’ playing in the background. At least, that was the plan. I took the whole weekend off, hung […]

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Quick thinking fix – for when you know you are being negative and need to move on

Ok, so maybe you’re aware of the same negative thoughts recurring, seemingly daily. Maybe you’re predicting failure, or worrying a relationship will not work out or imagining a doomed future. These are in fact common thinking scenarios and the bigger problem is we tend to carry these thoughts around and play them over and over […]

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Unhelpful Thinking : Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my ‘unhelpful thinking’ blog. Continuing from where I left off….. Catastrophiing: This is my favorite 🙂   I think we all do this at times. So this is when we see a situation and we add and embellish the ‘story’ in our head and turn it in to […]

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Unhelpful thinking styles- what are they ? And how can being aware of how I think help me?

Leading on from my last post about future predicting here are some of the other unhelpful thinking styles we may adopt , when anxious,  in an attempt to ‘control’ our environment. I have a really good poster in my room which I often give to people  but I’ll try to summarise it here, over the […]

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Hand model of the Brain

I came across this video recently by Russ Harris ( ‘The Happiness Trap’ -and Acceptance Commitment Therapy ‘guru’ ) ; in it he is talking about Dan Seigel’s   hand model of the brain . This is a really simple and effective way of explaining how the brain works, and goes some way to helping us […]

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