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Digital Detox- Could you do it ?

I must admit I have never thought about this- but having been born in a time of very limited ( I mean really limited – but not quite writing on stone) I find the idea quite appealing.  I am wondering what others think- and if this even feels like a problem to some people? This […]

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Character Strengths: What are they? How can they help?

Character strengths are one of the key concepts underlying the theories of  Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman ( and various colleagues) hit upon the idea that in focusing on a person’s strengths ( rather than their weakness or pathology) you would draw out for the individual a potential way to engage with the world differently and […]

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What I have learnt from my Mother

I have actually learnt quite a lot from my Mother -but  I was struck the other day by something significant my mother has developed in herself  which I appreciate and am striving to develop in myself;  and that is an appreciation and gratitude for small things. She notices things that most of us- including me-  […]

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Quick thinking fix – for when you know you are being negative and need to move on

Ok, so maybe you’re aware of the same negative thoughts recurring, seemingly daily. Maybe you’re predicting failure, or worrying a relationship will not work out or imagining a doomed future. These are in fact common thinking scenarios and the bigger problem is we tend to carry these thoughts around and play them over and over […]

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Stress / Relax Signpost

Manage Your Stress – Change Your Thinking .. and other good advice.

Life can be challenging. How do we best manage these challenges and the stress that may show up so that we can enjoy life and get the most out of it? “Changing your thinking is the single most important thing that you can do to help manage stress” according to Dr Mike Evans, and I […]

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Breathing, and the important role catching your breath can have in managing anxiety

We talk a lot about breathing on our UniThrive website, in fact we have video tutorials which explain the use of breath in managing anxiety and look at breathing in depth. It is always interesting to see what else is being taught  and how different people explain the use of breath in managing anxiety. Here […]

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It’s the end of semester and it’s almost time to relax ….

It’s the end of semester and many of you will be feeling the effects of long study hours and the final push through assignments and exams. The semester break can be a great time to take care of yourself and re-energise.  The blog below  about self-compassion (giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would […]

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Emotions- what do they mean ? Should we pay attention to every feeling?

In short, emotions are important. They help us process difficult life situations, they help us manage our surroundings by acting as a sort of warning system and they can allow us to fully enjoy moments in life. So we shouldn’t ignore them, right ?  …. Well not entirely What we need to be conscious of […]

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Feeling overwhelmed and trapped ? Learn to turn off your struggle switch.

Russ Harris author of the Happiness Trap has developed a way of conceptualising how we sometimes respond to uncomfortable emotions such as anxiety. He calls this the struggle switch The idea is that if you allow the struggle  switch to stay on, everything escalates and you can start to feel easily overwhelmed. But if you […]

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Positive Feelings; what can help us find and keep them …

I was reflecting recently on what in the last year really helped me when I was feeling a bit stuck, or overwhelmed and one thing that did help, was meditation. Through the Counseling Service we offer free meditation classes with Mark (one of Counsellors) and Mark has also created video tutorials on meditation, which are […]

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