UniSpace Dashboard – 1st Birthday

This month celebrates one year since the launch of the UniSpace Dashboard – home for all space-related activity at the University.

We’ve had a busy year of ongoing development to make the UniSpace dashboard as useful as possible.

Our highlights of the last year include:

  • releasing Dashboard 2.0, with additional functionality and applications
  • integrating Campus Services “Maintenance Request” functionality
  • effectively trialling mobile technology based auditing
  • kicking off a trial of hoteling software to selected users
  • integrating the monthly space reconciliation behind space charging
  • maintaining a continuous training schedule, available to all users
  • improving user access to reference and training material
  • incorporating room utilisation software
  • improving reporting through the Dashboard
  • preparing the groundwork for the future incorporation of DataViewer (archives and records)
  • maintaining the data that sits behind all the applications
  • sharing our Dashboard with other University space data teams
  • winning the Most Effective Work Unit at the Division of Services & Resources annual Awards for Excellence in 2014.


What are users saying about the Dashboard?

“User-friendly, clear, simple, easy to follow and quick.” –Sharni Fraser, Executive Officer, Technology Services

“So much happening at the Roseworthy Campus with many new staff and programs kicking off in quick succession. So I use this system like others might use an unmanned drone. I deploy in 4 seconds flat for a quick aerial reconnaissance flight around campus, hovering above the buildings and zooming in for a closer look as I seek out useful spaces of certain dimensions and character. It’s a truly fantastic tool and has the illusory effect of making me appear rather clever and efficient.” – Sarah Hocking, School Manager, School of Animal and Veterinary Science

“I’d be lost without UniSpace. It’s been a fantastic tool for both myself & our Cleaning & Waste service provider. The highlight has been that I’m now able to update the data myself which means we have current & accurate cleaning contract & floor surface plans.” – Jim Mikromanolis, Co-ordinator Cleaning & Waste Services

“I’ve found accessibility of the database very easy with the ability to download current floor plans and export data, providing contractors with the latest information in contract or tender documentation, key to the efficient running of projects that I’ve been involved with.” – Tim Blackshaw, Signage Designer, Capital Projects

“My UniSpace highlight of the last twelve months was spending a wondrous few hours becoming acquainted with all of the other campuses of the University. I had always thought it was limited to just North Terrace, Waite, Roseworthy and Thebarton…how little I knew!!” – Stuart Matthews, School Manager, School of Agriculture, Food & Wine

“UniSpace is more than a data repository – it is a legacy we are giving not just to Adelaide but to the higher education sector.” – Harald Baulis, Manager, Space Planning

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