UniSpace Archives – Room Schedule and Layout for Teaching Spaces

The UniSpace Team get a variety of queries from our Community, one in particular is access to the Room Schedule and Layout drawings for Teaching Spaces.

Using UniSpace Archives, you can now access Room Schedule and Layout drawings for Teaching Spaces.

Use the following search to look for this documentation. If you need to search for a specific Campus and Building OR Floor level, just fill in the information from the pull down menus.

archives_room schedule search_2016-05-27

So if you are looking for a room schedule, plan and photos of AV etc, you can access the information. Here is an example for Engineering Maths room 212

archives_room schedule search_sample_2016-05-27

Do you have drawings, photos or documents that you think should be in the Archive? As always, contact us and will help you out.

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The UniSpace Team


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