System Outage complete – Enhanced Functionality to UniSpace Applications

The UniSpace Team are happy to announce enhanced functionality to the UniSpace Applications:

UniSpace Interactive Maps

  • Within the Site Plan view: Now includes a Footprint button, this will open a ‘footprint’ panel on the left panel, where users can search for School / Division space in buildings from the site view.
  • Within the Floor Plan view: Now includes a direct link to People Manager from the ‘seat link’ (or location) via the room popup screen.
  • General bug fixes and system updates.


People Manager

  • Now includes a Move Person function to ‘de-allocate’ and transfer users to the ‘allocate’ function in one step.
  • Now includes the ability to View Available Space via an Interactive Map screen insert, not via the pull down list. This will highlight available space at site, building floor and room levels
  • General bug fixes and system updates.


Thank you for your patience through the System Outage.

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