UniSpace Archives – REMINDER

The UniSpace Team announce the release of UniSpace Archives (powered by DataViewer) in February 2016.

The Archive have been running for over 12months, so its time to remind everyone of the features and updates of the self-service application.

UniSpace provide this self-service application so users can access documents for themselves based on their specific search criteria and requirements.

We are proud to present UniSpace Archives, the University of Adelaide’s online documents archive.

UniSpace Archives is the new and enhanced version of DataViewer. The developments of UniSpace Archives showcases a successful collaboration with our key users in Campus Services and Capital Projects, better searching with additional metadata, enhanced layout and increased functionality.

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Users can access UniSpace Archives via the UniSpace Dashboard. Just click on the “Archives” icon/button (pictured below) From here you are just one click way from getting access to the new UniSpace Archives. Just select the option that best suites you.

A new User Guide has been created for all users to facilitate your transition from old to new. This is a ‘cheat sheet’ for all the screens, search fields and functionality.

To find out the improvements and the enhanced features in UniSpace Archives, click here. This will give you access to news and ‘tips and tricks’ relating to searching, enhanced features and the information behind the data. We will be posting more information to keep you informed.

Just like the old DataViewer, UniSpace Archivse will run on Internet Explorer (IE). For our External community there is an Installation Guide.This will give you the step by step approach to getting started with UniSpace Archives.

The UniSpace Team are happy to help you with any UniSpace Archives questions that you have, contact us.


As a team, we are proud to present UniSpace Archives, the University of Adelaide’s online documents archive.

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