Interactive Maps additional functionality – “Footprint”

Do you need to find a School or Branch’s location?        Don’t know where your space is on Campus?

You can now find the location of a school or branch on a campus using the “Footprint” button in UniSpace Interactive maps.

  • Select the campus you are investigating
  • Click the “Footprint” button and the pull down menus will appear on the left information panel.
  • From the top pull down menu select the Faculty or Division
  • From the bottom pull down menu select the School or Branch

This will show all the buildings where the School or Branch is located. You can then access the individual floor plans to see the actual rooms the School or Branch occupy.

This functionality will save time and effort locating occupied space. Alternatively, if you need a full report on School or Branch occupancy across multiple campus, then you can use the “School Occupancy” report from the main UniSpace Dashboard.





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