Archibus Space Management and Work Request System Upgrade

Hello UniSpace – Archibus users and community

To support the Branch’s implementation of a Single Point of Entry, the Systems & Business Improvement team have commenced the process to upgrade the Archibus Space Management and Work Request system.

A number of people across the Infrastructure Branch have been involved in workshops to review how we currently use these systems and how we want to use them going forward.

The first major phase is to convert all our building plans and data using a common standard required for the new Space Management module.  As such, the SBI Team will be focused on the conversion of plans and data over the next 3 weeks.   While we will endeavour to not impact our current excellent customer service, day to day requests may take a little longer than usual.

The go-live date for the upgraded system will be 4 October 2017 for Work Requests, with additional Branch services to be on boarded as part of the Single Point of Entry in the following months.  There will be further opportunities for staff to be involved in this process as we go forward.

The team will also be running detailed information sessions and training for staff as we get closer to the cut-over date, with training being provided as new services are added.

Further information will be provided as we progress through the project.


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