Drawing of the Day: Bonython Hall

Bonython Hall

Section – circa 1933

Have you ever noticed the floor has a distinct fall? ….read on.

Debate about the site of University Hall was played out in the press and parliament. Some City Councillors objected to any proposal that would prevent Pulteney Street from cutting through the northern parklands and connecting with Frome Road, as envisaged by Colonel William Light’s plan for Adelaide. Letters to the editor argued that blocking the Pulteney Street junction would lead to traffic problems in the future, especially as the northern suburbs expanded. An alternative site on Jubilee Oval was suggested, but land on North Terrace had already been given to the university. The University Council would not agree to a road bisecting the campus and generating noise as it passed the Barr Smith Library. The matter was not taken up by any parliamentarian. The building went ahead on Bonython’s preferred location. His choice of a grand Gothic design also prevailed over Bagot’s plan. A persistent story about the design is that Bonython insisted upon a sloping floor so that the hall would not be used for frivolity such as dancing.” (



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